Every Tuesday
Quiz Night at 8:30 pm

Tuesday night is the night for the renowned Hatchet Quiz! This is truly one of the best nights to see the pub in all its glory. Its a busy night so if you are planning on eating and joining in, then it is recommended that you arrive before 8:30 so you can grab a drink order your food and get your thinking caps on. The rules are simple a max of 6 to a team, if you win, you get to pick a key from several envelopes one of which opens a money chest! We ask that you give at least 50% to charity. If you don’t pick the key, then you win a house bottle of wine.

First Friday of Each Month
Open Mic Night at 8:00 pm

Open mic night, a chance to show off your musical talent and perform in front of a slightly tipsy audience! Whether you choose to play or to listen, we know you will have great fun. So please come and join us.

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